Ranking the 10 worst deals of the war English Premier League Season 2023/24

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Ranking the 10 worst deals of the war English Premier League Season 2023/24

  • Revealing the list of 10 players. Who are said the worst transfer deals in the Premier League season 2023/24.
  • Over the course of last season, more than 400 players were transferred to England’s top flight.
  • There are two Chelsea players on this list.

The English Premier League season 2023/24 is nearing its conclusion after 10 full months of competing together. In the final period of the season like this. We have all seen throughout the past year. Which teams were successful https://ufabet999.app and which teams failed to achieve the goals they had set. Especially in the matter of football players From the summer until the January transfer window, each club has invested a lot of money to bring in players to strengthen their squad, with a total value of more than 2,500 million pounds.

Of course, throughout this long season there will always be people who perform well for their price. Including people who are worse off than the money they paid. Today we would like to take 90min fans to see which deals in past seasons didn’t seem to be worth the most with.

10. Aaron Ramsey – £14 million

The 21-year-old attacker that Burnley invested the third largest amount in the club bought to join the team from Aston Villa, hoping to bring him to build a game in Kompany’s style, but then due to injury problems. Including the playing form that doesn’t match the eyes As a result, he only got the chance to play as a starter in only 4 games and still hasn’t scored a single goal.

9. Beto – £21.4 million

Everton striker Who the team was willing to invest over 20 million pounds to snatch from Udinese, who was constantly being pushed onto the field by Sean Dyce. But it must be said that his performance throughout the 29 games in the league this season has only scored 3 goals, and he has squandered many opportunities until he is currently the understudy for Dominic Calvert Levin.

8. Kevin Chade – £21.4 million

A 22-year-old German forward who joined Brentford on loan last season before Thomas Frank bought out 20 million from Freiburg to join the team, but also Fitness issues, including the return of Ivan Toney, have limited him to just 6 appearances this season and 1 goal in the league.

7. Matheus Franca – £17.1 million

The Brazilian attacker was brought in by Crystal Palace from Flamengo last summer for a fee of £17 million, but appears to be struggling with injuries and adapting to football. England Making him play only 10 games this season and starting only 1 game without scoring a single goal.

6. Moise Caicedo – £100 million

The most expensive midfielder that Chelsea went to grab from Brighton for a total of 100 million pounds in hopes of getting the “New Kante” who will control the game in midfield. But until now he has not shown any value at all. Plus it’s easy to miss. There were frequent moments when the ball was lost that shouldn’t have been lost, to the point that many people began to think that Brighton might be selling the cat.

5. Urrian Timbers – £34.3 million

The Dutch defender was acquired by Arsenal from Ajax last summer. If asked what his form is, the answer is “I don’t know” because he hasn’t played at all. I broke my knee in the first game of the season and have been sidelined until this day.

4. Tyler Adams – £23 million

The American midfielder, as Bournemouth beat Chelsea, joins the team from Leeds United as their highest-paid player of the season. But before the season even started, he was injured for a long time and before he could make his debut, he had to wait until the 30th game of the season, which he was only able to play in one game and was injured again! Take a long break and run out of words to say.

3. Calvin Phillips – Loan

The England midfielder, who was unsuccessful at Manchester City. Chose to Ranking the 10 worst deals move to West Ham on loan in January. which he didn’t hurt. There were no problems off the field. Just being the right person at the right time and always doing loud things, the type who is changed onto the field whenever the team collapses, until he has become a joke for the football fans.

2. Mason Mount – £55 million

It’s a deal that has created quite a buzz since the beginning of last summer. When Manchester United announced the acquisition of the talented English playmaker from Chelsea to join the team for a fee of 55 million pounds, even in the beginning. Will get opportunities often but doesn’t seem to adapt well to the team. Plus after a while it hurt all the time. He got hurt and hurt until he had almost no opportunity to play on the field. Some fans forgot he was on the team this season.

1. Romeo Lavia – £53 million

Another rising midfield star who last season performed excellently with Southampton, even though his team was relegated. Many teams were interested in him and it was Chelsea who paid the most to join the team. But like others on this list, he has been hit Ranking the 10 worst deals hard by injuries since the season hasn’t even started and has been injured for a long time. Until now, he has only played 1 game for the team.