Liverpool urge Brighton to reject Caicedo sale to Chelsea

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Liverpool urge Brighton to reject Caicedo sale to Chelsea.

Chelsea have reportedly made a £55million bid for Moises Caicedo, but Premier League rivals Brighton have turned it down. According to The UFABET.

Liverpool have link with the 21-year-old for months. With Jurgen Klopp looking to add in midfield as a way to counteract a slumping team that are currently lagging behind on points. Rank 4 is up to 10 points already.

In addition to the Reds, there is also Chelsea, with former Brighton manager Graham Potter as the current manager, who has also expressed his interest in Kaicedo. While they have just acquired Mick Hilo Moodric from Shakhtar Donets to strengthen the army a few days ago.

However, the £55million offer. That the Blues have submitted to the Seagull have reject, leaving Liverpool still within their reach to sign the player for the remainder of the January transfer window. But they don’t appear to be buying any more players following the arrival of Cody Kakpo in attack, believing Jurgen Klopp plans to spend big on a complete overhaul next summer instead.

Currently, this kicker He has three years left on his contract with the agency, but he is one of the team’s least paid players. The report revealed that it was only around £10,000 a week.