Lingard admits to being addict to drinking – insists

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Lingard admits to being addict to drinking. Insists he has to leave the Red Devils for his future.

Nottingham Forest midfielder Jesse Lingard has admitted he was addicted to alcohol for a while to forget the pain he suffered during his time at Manchester United.

The 30-year-old midfielder leaves Manchester. United permanently After the contract with the team And moved to play for Nottingham Forest this season. Where he has at Manchester United since the age of just seven years before playing more than 230 games for the first team. Throughout his life there he went through both good and bad times. Especially during the bad times. He wants to go through the bully. Lots of insults from social media or even the boos of the fans on the field And that’s why he started drinking to reduce the stress that caused him.

“I needed something to try and forget about it. I drink so I can sleep. Looking back now, I can only think of what I had done. I’m just trying to forget it. But it has happened to me many times. And it was a mistake.”

Lingard also admitted that leaving Manchester United, who had been in charge for 22 years, was a difficult decision to make. But he made the choice that he needed to decide to walk away from the team. And in the end, he chose Nottingham Forest as his destination.

“People probably thought I would be happy to leave. But in reality I had to leave. Because I didn’t play at all. I got a new contract from Manchester United, but what do I get from it? Because I’m not playing. It’s true, it’s the biggest club in the world. But now my happiness It’s more important than that. I chose Nottingham Forest because I felt the love they gave me more than West Ham. I was there before during my loan period.

“The manager came to my house to negotiate directly with me. The owner came from Greece to sign me. The transfer was like a new challenge for me. It was something different. But I’m still a Manchester United fan. Always United