Arteta revealed that this week he trained with the Arsenal

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Mikel Arteta revealed that he had to train with Arsenal’s players this week due to a lack of players. But it still didn’t cause anyone any injuries.

Arsenal will return to the Premier League field again by visiting Everton tonight (Sunday) after starting well, sweeping 3 out of 4 victories. In the first game,

the 41-year-old manager found some bad news with injuries to his players, with Mohamed Elneny, Yurrian Timber and Thomas Partey currently recovering

. Arteta also revealed to Sky Sports that this week they didn’t have enough players to train, causing him to dust off his boots to train as well. ทางเข้า ufabet

When asked about participating in training with the team, Arteta replied: “The situation forced it! It’s not something I want to do but we have one or two players and some young players from the academy who can’t come to practice.

During his playing career, he scored 16 goals in 150 games in all competitions with the famous north London side. before retiring in 2016 and turning to coaching

However, being able to practice with the team seems to be something Arteta likes after he said: “It’s good. It’s a good exercise. My weight has decreased and I am not injured.”

And when asked if it had caused any injuries to the players? The Spaniard immediately replied: “Not at all! I slide in sometimes, yes, but I don’t hurt anyone.”