Guidelines for playing dummy Preliminary for gamblers

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Guidelines for playing dummy Preliminary for gamblers.

In playing the dummy card game. There are many rules. Whether the score is different, each card has a different score. As well as a special card with up to 50 points. There are few techniques for winning dummy. Today we therefore recommend Guidelines for playing dummy To win are as follows. Can play no matter where with UFABET

Guidelines for playing dummy Preliminary for gamblers to start playing dummy card games.

  1. When receiving 7 cards dealt for the first time, look at all 7 cards to see what cards match the most. There are cards that can match the suit in any way. Such as having more cards arranged or not. Or to match three sets. To arrange those sets of cards to have more than 2 sets. Will allow you to wait for cards in many ways and see. What number of cards must be waiting to be brought into the set of cards to score. And should notice the first card that comes into the pot what is the card if it can bring that card to be born immediately because bringing the first card to be born will have an extra score of up to 50 points
  2. When drawing a card each time. You have to think beforehand that you can go and draw. That you can match any set and have to look at many different. Ways to see the whole set. Many arranging suits arrange the stage flood. Choose to discard 1 card as a card that cannot be match with any card and see. What other cards are discarded to discard the card. Close to other people’s cards because it is a card that other people don’t want and we don’t want as well, so the discarded card will not be able to keep score and eliminate unwanted cards. out of hand
  3. Memorize every card that other players discard in a circle. What others have discarded, in order to figure out. What other people are wanting to set up. And be able to calculate whether that person wants to arrange a set of cards or not. Tong or any type of card set.
  4. When remembering other people’s cards and what others discarded, it is important not to forget that you have to remember what cards other players keep in their hands and what cards are in that hand and it hasn’t happen to know who. Other players are going to arrange. Which cards and we must not discard the cards that match with that suit to prevent foolish discarding.
  5. Discarding cards in this dummy card game must be carefully look at whether discarding is a full discard or discarding a dummy or not. Because discarding a full card or discarding a dummy will erase 50 more points and most importantly that. You can’t make a mistake, that is, don’t discard a card that someone else can take to end the game. Because a card that can make other people win is call stupid discard. It will cost a stupid 50 points and is also label. Being unable to play the game in time for others.