“A Million for Eleanor” – Danil Rudoy’s Romantic Suspense Novel

A Million for Eleanor book coverI’m sure you’ve heard the story: romance is dead, and so is romantic suspense. In fact, the both have been dead for so long neither even smells anymore. The only people who may still have some interest left for these genres are literary novices inexperienced in fine matters of literatures and hardened fans of soap-opera like stories who get neither tired nor bored of shamelessly exaggerated sentimentality. Yes, despite all this disapproving buzz, every once in a while the world of literature is entered by another work of romantic fiction that shames the critics and invites the reader on a journey of different quality. In this review, we will discuss a novel that belongs to this rare kind.

A Million for Eleanor – a Romantic Suspense Novel by Danil Rudoy

Let’s ask ourselves a simple question: what makes us think romantic suspense is dead? As with most other genres, the answer has to do with plot originality, or, rather, the lack of thereof. Modern literature that is being produced at scale today by pretty much everyone who has access to a computer (hooray to the technical progress, no need to bother with typewriters anymore!) operates within a narrow and predetermined range of creative possibilities, often allowing the reader to predict not only the ending of a novel, but as much as its three quarters. Put simply, if you want to combine love and mystery there are only so many ways that you can go and, sure enough, it has already been done countless times, and with different degrees of success, too.

In his novella “A Million for Eleanor”, Danil Rudoy creates space for his literary objectives by moving the suspense entirely into the psychological realm. The events that take plain in the story are hardly out of the ordinary. But the reader, along with the heroine Eleanor, has no idea what is going on through his mind, and that’s what creates the unbearable pressure the entire work is built around. There is a single clue that is given to the reader (albeit a remarkably straightforward one, as we find out in the end), and if she fails to notice it

That being said, it is worth mentioning that “A Million for Eleanor” is, first and foremost, a love story, with the extent of the suspense part being left entirely up to the reader. The author makes a peculiar play on his reader: the amount of suspense generated by the story is directly proportionate to how much distrust she has for Richard. But the more distrust she has, the more surprised she is likely to be in the end when things fall into their place. If, on the other hand, the reader aligns with Richard (who is the real protagonist of the story), she is in for an almost purely romantic journey diluted with sporadic sadness.

The issue of predictability (or, to repeat ourselves, the lack of thereof) is present throughout the entire story and reaches its apogee in the very end which is both unpredictable and as predictable as it can possibly be given the originality of the story. Whether or not the reader will be able to know it all depends on whether she picks up that only clue that is left for her, but don’t try too hard to spot it. The enjoyment of the novel is not in the figuring out its twists but in the emotional journey the heroes take. And, while for Eleanor it is a potentially deadly affair where her greed can cost her her life, for Richard it is a walk through the precious memories of the past that gifted him inimitable emotions he could never relive since despite wanting to. And yet in the end it won’t matter whose interpretation the reader will choose to align with as both are to come to the same point where each will reach its climax before transforming into yet another unforgettable experience for those who were a part of it, even if only as a spectator.

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